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Monday, December 14, 2015

Step 2: Making Plans

This SC Sterling is my first rescue. She needed some orthopedics, but otherwise only has the scuff from the return lever. I saw a '55 Belaire in Gettysburg on Saturday, about the same age as Smitty. I don't think the Chevy can be safely used every day like the SC. 
I've started to give the typewriters turns, each gets a week out of the case. That minimizes the stumbling over the few accessory keys that are different from one machine to the other. Smitty here is my first, but she's my second favorite girl after Cecilia, The Olivetti Lettera 32. Her turn will be next week. 
Smitty had some sticky keys, and the draw band was off of the spring when she arrived. Within two days she was ready to work just like when Ike was in the Oval Office. 
She got a little lonely after We found out about the Typosphere and the extended families that worthy typewriters have been adopted into. We're working on it slowly, and smartly. 
Smitty wants to work on a story again. We've worked on a few short ones together. She doesn't miss the business world. Wait until I tell her about NaNoWriMo.